Alex Peppe is the co-founder of Lucky Tales Sanctuary (or Lucky Tales Sanctuary Facebook Page) where he lives along with his wife, Kati Peppe—the other co-founder—and his step-daughter Saoirse. He learned the art of photography from his mother, Helen Peppe. Alex has been vegan since he was 14, and in 2014 toured the country visiting farm sanctuaries for inspiration before purchasing his (and the animal’s) new home!

His full-time job is as a piano technician, and you can read more about that at Alex’s Piano Service (Alex’s Piano Service Facebook Page). His wife, Kati Peppe, is a dog trainer: You can see more about her at Diamond K9 Dog Training (Diamond K9 Dog Training Facebook Page).

Also, be sure to check out Alex’s and Kati’s recipe blog, Plant-Based and Practical for compassionate and economic meals!